The Flying Cowboys

The Flying Cowboys


The Flying Cowboys are a brotherhood made up of highly skilled aviators that have demonstrated a high level of skill and competency.  We are experienced in off-field operations, tailwheel, formation, upset recovery and basic aerobatics.  Our main priorities are safety and having fun.  Our favorite locations to explore are in the backcountry.  Many of these locations don't have a runway in sight.


The Flying Cowboys are aviation advocates that serve the local community while being mindful of the environment.  We regularly volunteer as air support for things such as search and rescue or finding lost cattle for local ranchers.


We make every effort to keep our desserts and mountains clean.  We often use the hashtag "#HeavierOut" on social media.  Generally speaking, we want our planes to be as light as possible.  However, after visiting the backcountry our planes tend to be several hundred pounds heavier.  This is because we load up our planes with any trash we find.  Hence the hashtag "#HeavierOut".

Get a group of Flying Cowboys together and you got yourself an aerial rodeo and a hell of a good time.

How to Join


We fly together often, so safety and skill are big membership considerations.  Membership to the Flying Cowboys is by invitation only.  This is to ensure we’re a good fit.  We extend invites to skilled aviators with a positive attitude that are fun to fly with.



  • 1000 hours of total flight time
  • 250 hours of tailwheel flight time
  • Formation training (FAST Card)
  • Upset recovery training and/or Basic aerobatics training
  • Flight evaluation with the Flying Cowboys
  • 10 trips showing participation in the #HeavierOut Campaign
  • Must be a positive force for aviation and advocacy
  • Must not be a Schmuck

Don't Yet Meet The Requirements, Don't be discouraged.


Aviators that are interested in becoming a Flying Cowboy but don’t yet meet all the requirements could be offered an invitation to become a Prospective Member.  A Prospective Member is an aviator currently on track and working to becoming a full member of the Flying Cowboys.

Membership Fees


$250 annual fees

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